September 6, 2016

About Us


We are a Design and Prototyping company specializing in Robotic and Mechatronic Innovations based in Patiala, Punjab, India. Most of our applications and innovation have been in the field of Defense, Haptics, Mobile robotics, Surgery Simulation and Machine and Process Automation. Empowering your knowledge with our innovations to create the latest has been the vision of Designs and Projects Development since its inception. We believe in adding to your knowledge and resources instead of replacing it.

We developed Merlyn TRN-1 to substantially increase the potential by letting the user to create without any boundaries being imposed on them. Merlyn TRN-1 is a unique Open Source Industrial Robotics kit for the use of students and Educators of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering.



Merlyn TRN-1 presents an Open Source Robotic Platform where educators can decide and design the whole structure of the Robotic System including its configuration, kinematics and control methodology. Our team of engineers

Our team of engineers are at your service. Designing new parts or customizing your innovation will be a pleasure for us.